Southwark Park

So you want to get from town to south-east London.  South Bermondsey, Deptford or New Cross, perhaps.  How about a nice wide cycle avenue through Southwark Park?

It’s a good width, a great surface, and pretty direct, with only gentle curves.  The perfect cycle path.  To the south, off-road routes continue all the way to New Cross and Deptford.

So you’ll take NCN route 4 east along the river from Tower Bridge and just turn right into Southwark Park.  Right?


To get to the path from the NCN route would require crossing the Jamaica Street dual carriageway, which, with continuous railings through the middle for quarter of a mile each way, requires a five minute detour around the Culling Circus roundabout, weaving through the traffic for the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

The message from Southwark Council?  Take the Old Kent Road.

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