Weekly War Bulletin, 17 July

A slightly delayed round-up of the week’s news, and it’s all about the cycling infrastructure as the Cycle “Superhighways” open (and are already ripped up by the utilities), and the first bikes arrive in the cycle hire stations (despite the best efforts of Mayfair toffs to keep the noisy congestion-causing machines away).  Similarly effective infrastructure projects around the country, including the opening of the bridge-to-nowhere in Cardiff; the cancellation of the 10% of Hartlepool’s transport budget that had been allocated to cycling; and in Portsmouth, a woman has been killed by a bus while cycling along what would have been a cycleway, if budgets hadn’t been cut.  And so the police have effectively endorsed cycling on pavements for children.

Meanwhile, the LCC are complaining that all this guard rail removal has led to shortage of bike parking spaces.  And at ITN, Gray’s Inn Road, Jon Snow’s bike was stolen in the middle of the afternoon.

That billowing black smoke over town on wednesday?  Just some parked cars on the Mall in a spontaneous combustion incident.

The absurdity of the useless legal sanctions for dangerous driving was highlighted by the fine for dropping a cigarette end being double that for driving into somebody.  Spoilt brats who thought it a jolly caper to drive through France at 150 mph received fines well over £1,000, and the confiscation of their £100,000 toys.

Do take a look at the BBC’s tour of the abandoned St Mary’s tube in Whitechapel.  Meanwhile, the tube cooling budget has been cut, and longer trains have driven DLR staff to call a strike for friday.

Looking to decimate cut costs at the BBC?  The place to start would surely be the £5,000 flights and £500 taxi rides.

A tree has collided with an intercity train in the west country.  Reports indicate that the tree was at fault.

Change doesn’t happen by polite dialogue.  It happens when the backward grow old and die off.  These kids will win the war by growing up free from a deep commitment to car dependency.

Your moment of zen: Cycle Superhighway 3, by diamond geezer, CC By-NC, click to embiggen:

East India - Saffron Avenue

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