Can you work out where I am?

I’ve been away from London for three weeks now, taking a break from the noise and the taxi drivers.  I needed to eliminate distractions to get a couple of work and writing projects completed, so I’m doing an extreme telecommute experiment for the winter, while observing the transport and environment situation at the opposite end of the urban-rural spectrum.  Can you work out where I am?

There’s a valley, one side of which won’t see direct sunlight this month…

And a railway station, with just a single change of trains on the 12 hour journey from London — but you would only be able to get here on one early morning departure a day from King’s Cross, or one late evening departure from Euston.

There’s a trunk road on the coast that’s only a single carriageway wide…

There are some houses on a harbour, with a village shop and 3G broadband…

And a single-track “A” road that closes when it snows…

There’s a clear declaration of War On The Motorist…

And there are lots of deer to get spooked by the little train that goes back-and-forth twice a day…

12 thoughts on “Can you work out where I am?”

  1. So… past Inverness (the only place served by a single train from each of Euston and Kings Cross- Fort William has no Kings Cross service, Aberdeen has three).
    So, you’ve got to be on the Far North lines. Can’t be the Kyle line due to lack of (after Dingwall) any places with a through station, by the sea, with more than one A-road- and the only trunk road up that way anyway is the A9.

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