Happy half birthday to us!

Gosh, I just noticed that it’s already six months since Philip Hammond declared his intention to end The War On The Motorist™, and we tentatively entered into negotiations for a ceasefire.  Coincidentally, on this anniversary day we will welcome our 25,000th reader.  We must try to think of some suitable prize to give away.  A massive Range Rover*, perhaps.

When I started I was worried I might eventually run out of relevant ideas.  Instead, I seem to have acquired stacks of notes, books, and bookmarks, on all sorts of topics that would never have occurred to me even existed — but now I have run out of the time required to follow them all up…

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, subscribing and linking, especially these guys, who are, according the the stats page, probably responsible for most of you being here!  Crap Cycling & Walking, Bristol Traffic, ibikelondon, Cyclists in the City, and The Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club; and on twitter @bengoldacre, @markbikeslondon, @Amsterdamized, @WestfieldWander and @BorisWatch

* sorry, couldn’t find a clip of the Millionth Visitor Massive Yacht sketch…


2 responses to “Happy half birthday to us!

  1. We congratulate you, though note that the war doesn’t appear to be very over, not given the cost of petrol. Hammond should do better! We propose a £5000 cash-back to all car purchasers, and another £100 for every MoT renewal, so encouraging people to get their cars MoT’d.

    Our traffic comes, in order, from bristol indymedia, google (searches), waltham forest, then some local blogs and the online version of the Bristol Evening Post. We often use place andvendor names in our posts, which brings visitors looking for BRI parking and such like, as we document the secret parking options in a city that hasn’t realised the war on motorists is over.

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