Waiting for God

I stopped off at Ludgate Hill one morning in October, after reading this on Cyclists in the City:

…most of the elected politicians [in the square mile] don’t seem to care about cycling or walking.

What they do care about is this zebra crossing opposite St Paul’s on Ludgate Hill. Several times, I’ve heard City politicians and planners complain about this crossing and refer to it as a problem. Guess what the ‘problem’ is? Simple: the problem is that City politicians don’t like the fact they have to wait in their taxis in a queue of traffic while pedestrians have the extremely rare right of way.

And the only reason this crossing hasn’t been replaced by a traffic light is because the City planners think traffic lights in front of St Paul’s might be ugly and they can’t think of a better solution.

With God on our side…

3 thoughts on “Waiting for God”

  1. Where I live in South London, pretty much all the zebra crossings have been replaced with lights over the past few years. So now if you see your bus on the other side of the road you have the option of waiting for the light to change and miss the bus or play frogger.

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