A little bit of Waltham Forest

Pointless one-way systems?  Cracked pavements?  Concrete planters long-since overrun with weeds?  Uncollected commercial waste and shop advertising boards blocking every pavement?  Cycle lanes replaced with parking bays?  A liberal scattering of bollards? It’s the answer to all those loony militant cyclists who say that the Dutch system could easily be done in the UK: a little bit of the UK has been exported to Valkenburg, near Maastrict:

But don’t worry, cyclists have been catered for!  There is a shop selling those funny rubber knickers that those perverted puritans peddle up and down in:

And in a roundabout, a monument to a hero: I like to imagine that he is a vehicular cyclist, reaching out to thunderclap somebody who has done a close pass then pulled in for the traffic lights:

Its a shame that in his choice of bicycle (apart from the handlebars), he has fallen foul of one of the most basic rules of cycling.

Walthamize the planet, and have a lovely day.


3 responses to “A little bit of Waltham Forest

  1. Oddly enough, that corner of the Netherlands, right by the German border, has a relatively low cycling rate. I can’t help but think that streetscapes like this one just might have something to do with it.

    A couple of years back, the capital of the province received special funding in order to try to reverse this.

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  3. Interestingly, the street in the first picture posted here is less than a kilometre from the current finish line of the Netherlands’ most important cycle race, the Amstel Gold.

    The popularity of cycle racing here does not seem to have translated into an improved streetscape for cycling for ‘ordinary’ people.

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