Say what you like about Top Gear…

Apparently Steve Coogan is a huge fan of Top Gear. I’m told by many that, whatever you think of the presenters’ contributions to xenophobia and misogyny, you have to admit that the show is funny and entertaining.

Not really.  It looks like something the academically challenged boys at the bottom of the class might put together instead of studying for their GCSEs.  At best, the work of three frustrated middle-management blokes in the pub after work.  And I guess that sort of thing can be genuinely funny and entertaining when friends perform it live in the pub or playground.  But pub banter loses something in the transfer to prime-time general-audience light entertainment television.  I can go to the pub for real live pub banter, I don’t need a team of professional script writers and presenters to deliver it.  A team of professionals should have something better to do.

I don’t say this because I hate Jeremy Clarkson’s outrageous politically incorrect opinions which he has for money, or because I’m on the wrong side in The War On The Motorist.  I say it for the same reasons I would say that Michael McIntyre and My Family shouldn’t be on the television.  It’s not television quality material.


5 responses to “Say what you like about Top Gear…

  1. “It’s not television quality material. ”

    But then, what is these days?

  2. Matthew Paris once made that joke about decapitating cyclists. Yeah, yeah, only a joke. But I did once hear a lorry driver shout “Wait til I chop your fucking head off” to a cyclist. His voice (the anonymous lorry driver’s, not Paris’) still rings through me every time I have a near miss with a large vehicle. So no, not only joking. Prejudice, dangerous bullying.

  3. +1 Totally agree

    Here is my complain about Clarkson kit:

    Watch the clip – get angry -complain

  4. Top Gear stopped being a motoring programme a long time ago. It’s a cross between a cartoon and a boys’ toys exhibition, with three larger-than-life characters. It entertains by virtue of the sheer lunacy of its presenters’ stunts and the show’s irreverent tone. The audience lap it up, thinking “we’re all such rebels, wahey!”

    The only show I’ve liked in a very long time is the one where Hammond wins the cross-London race on a bicycle. It amuses me partly because he’s on a bike but also because Clarkson, the smug git in an expensive speedboat, is devastated at being beaten across the capital by a bloke (the same one he ridicules each week for being short) riding a mere bicycle.

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