Models wanted

I want to recreate an old photograph, for the inclusion in a long and rambling blog post that sits in my drafts.

The photograph was taken in 1957 at the junction of Lower Bristol Road and Windsor Bridge Road in Bath. I will be in Bath tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon and on Wednesday morning up to lunchtime, and probably briefly passing through again on Thursday morning.

At the time that it was taken, there happened to be two cyclists and four pedestrians in the picture that I want to recreate.  That wasn’t deliberate — it would have been normal for Lower Bristol Road in the era that the photograph comes from.  These days I fear that I could sit beside that junction all day and never see either.  And so I will photograph it as I find it.

However, alongside the truthful historical record, I was thinking I might take some exaggerated shots to represent the prevailing conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.  If you happen to be in Bath, have the time, and if your idea of a fun lunchbreak/commute/pre-pub ride involves posing waiting at pedestrian crossing lights or pondering how to negotiate a junction on a bicycle, do comment or tweet or email!  I can offer little in return except a pint at tomorrow’s Skeptics In The Pub (where Ian Walker is talking about the (ir)rationality of transport, and, I assume, about bicycle helmets) and a place in an important* historical document.

For exaggeration’s, sake, it would be particularly good to have the stereotypical British cyclist, forced into the vehicular fashion, with hi-viz (even lycra) and helmet and fast bicycle.  If you happen to have tweed and a stylish saddle bag on a traditional upright or touring bicycle, it might also be fun to baffle the motorists by setting the dapper cyclist from the original 1957 photograph amongst them.

* importance may vary.


2 responses to “Models wanted

  1. I can be there any time, though Tuesday or Wednesday are probably better for me.

    I have no tweed, so I’d have to be Lycra/hi-viz.

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