Bonus friday photo: Blackfriars Bridge


I mentioned in the first of these that all of my photos are licensed under the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike license, meaning that if you run, for example, a non-commercial blog or a not-for-profit club or campaign, you’re welcome to use them.

M’coblogger Dawn mentioned the other day that she has never seen Blackfriars Bridge without the builder’s hoardings.  Indeed, they’ve been up for two years now — originally, if I recall correctly (and of that I am hardly confident), unplanned, but put up with little consultation or announcement after the builders realised at the last minute that pedestrians would wander up the pavement only to discover that it simply ends at the northern junction with no crossing (and they couldn’t possibly put in a crossing for a few years during the work — think what it would do to the traffic flow!).  So they simply shut off the pavement, and to the newer members of London’s ever changing population, Blackfriars Bridge just doesn’t have a pavement on the eastern side.  There is no view of St Paul’s over the remains of the old railway bridge, no winter moonrises over Tate Modern.

So I thought I better share this one sooner rather than later, for anybody who doesn’t know what lurks behind the MDF.  And it just happens to show that cyclists infinitely outnumber cars here, at 2-0.

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