Delivering excellence

In a post about designing ever increasing amounts of truck and van dependence into business models, I mentioned that an “Edgar’s Cool Water” had followed me on twitter and had justified their business with the argument that some people in London and the South East need water deliveries because their workplaces do not have plumbing.

I did a double take when quickly scrolling through old phonecam pictures.

The road is Gough Street; behind the brick wall on the left is the Royal Mail’s interim staff car park. On the right is the back entrance to ITN Grays Inn Road, built less than a decade ago.

I guess businesses these days just can’t afford luxuries like including running water in the plans for their new offices, or operating within the law, hey Edgar?

I’m reminded for some reason of the Old Lady Job Justification Hearings.  I can think of something better they could be doing

3 thoughts on “Delivering excellence”

  1. You have to love the PR bull: “Delivering abstract concept to nouns of big organisations to give us some cred“. The honest byline would have been “Delivering water to whoever is willing to pay over the odds for what is available very cheap from the tap”.
    I’m happy to report that we have plumbing at my work, and “drinking water” taps are fitted with filters to avoid the London muck floating on your tea.

  2. Well how about if people are not from London and do not like the water, There has to be a different source witch this company is supplying and i heard that they deliver to most of the construction sites in London as they are building the structure where would there water come from.

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