Mark Wagenbuur boasts that when there are road closures in his part of the world a suitable diversion route is found for people on bicycles.

Well I discovered that we can do bicycle diversions here, too. Look at Horse Guards Road, a popular alternative to the wide but “too narrow for bicycle tracks” Whitehall, and which is currently closed while the Olympic Beach Volleyball equipment is dismantled after the test run. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had thought to put in a cycling route during the road closure.

Do you see it? It’s there, where those people are walking away past the cyclist. I guess they think it’s a footway, silly people.

A cycle diversion was, of course, only possible on this occasion because pedestrians can be pushed out of the way into the spacious (and streetlightless) park.

Interestingly, I noticed that there is advance warning of a weekend closure of the cycle path beside the capacious Mall:

That’s the weekend of the Skyride, whose route is still “to be announced”, but which everyone is assuming will be similar to last year’s, which circumnavigated the park here. Does somebody think that the cycle lane needs to be closed during Skyride?

One thought on “Diversions”

  1. A not so popular road for cyclists in croydon is currently closed due to gas works and there is a diversion. The usual signs for drivers has been put out, but also nice big blue ones for cyclists saying ‘Cyclists Diversion’ goes exactly the same way but nice to see.

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