The remotest road

This was the ‘A’ road across the top of Scotland until the EU built a new, full-size one. It’s high up on the Moine — the moss — between Tongue and Hope. The house is miles from anything, built with the original road as an inn, back before bicycles and motor cars made Tongue to Hope less than a morning’s journey. I wrote about it before.

It’s a lovely place to go for a bicycle ride.

The friday photo theme is just an excuse to plug my pictures and prints.

3 thoughts on “The remotest road”

  1. As I rode around on roads like this in the North of Scotland, I remember thinking “this is an ideal spot for filming a car commercial.” And indeed, that’s the sort of place that they often are filmed, as the dream is so much more attractive than the reality.

  2. One of the most popular spots for filming car commercials in the UK is the bridge at Kylesku – about ten miles south of Cape Wrath on the west coast of the highlands of Scotland. Its in the parish of Lochinver – about the size of Yorkshire and with a population of 750. The A894 which passes through here is a proper two-lane road on which you can literally drive for miles without seeing another car. Take a look –,+Lairg,+United+Kingdom&hl=en&ved=0CAwQ-gswAA&sa=X&ei=z_ZgTuPkL6WCygWsotmrBg. Otherwise, the ads always look to me like the film has been shot somewhere broad but reversed so that the car appears to be right hand drive but little details are a give-away.

    1. Aye – I came down over Kylesku the day after this. Rained all the way through Assynt :|

      Rannoch Moor is the first of these kinds of big open landscapes that you get heading north from Glasgow, but is far higher volume than these roads. Hence the crash debris spread all over the moor, from drivers who think they’ve suddenly entered an episode of Top Gear…

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