There are “no cycling” signs at both ends of this route through Smithfield Market, presumably because in the early morning big trucks come through here with the deliveries of meat.  But that doesn’t stop people using it as part of a north-south alternative to the Farringdon Road — in places seven whole lanes of through racetrack, turning lanes, parked cars, and taxi ranks.  Several quiet streets with cycling permeability join Ludgate Hill to Clerkenwell Road and beyond.

On a trip down to that London, Other Aberdeen also noticed these bicycling paramedics, and in particular, the brand of their bicycles.  These are not any bicycle shaped object.  These are Smith and Wesson re-branded bicycle shaped objects.  “Oooh,” thought the emergency services.  “Smith and Wesson.  They must be good bicycles.”

That will be why Lambeth police quickly switched to Treks after they got the repair bill from Brixton Bikes.

Those who went to Bristol Carnivelo last weekend will have encountered a much better constructed police bike, chasing down the pedicabs with sirens blaring, in a park full of very jealous children.

The friday photo theme is just an excuse to plug my photography site.

One thought on “Shortcut”

  1. Of course the difference between Smithfield and Farringdon Road is that the former is managed by the City of London, and the latter by TfL.

    Smithfield saw some of the pioneering cycle contraflows (eg Cloth Fair) proposed by the City, to much mouth-foaming objection from motoring interests and their lackeys in the press about how it would be dangerous etc, followed by – er – absolutely none of the predicted catastrophes, and consequently a decision by the Policy & Resources Committee (the real power in the City) to lower the bars to further schemes. Another 17 have been proposed, of which perhaps 9-10 could go through in the next year with the rest the followihg year.

    The latest crop doesn’t include further permeability at Smithfield which is a pity because there is more scope there, but the City shoudl be applauded for making the effort.

    No such hopes can be entertained with TfL though. A few deaths, and several direct actions, might perhaps move them but nothing much else will.

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