Utrecht, Friday 10am

Shot, it was later pointed out to me, from the world’s first bicycle path. (Since replaced with better routes.)

To prove that the Netherlands don’t get streets perfect, a traffic cop was waiting at these lights ticketing drivers and cyclists, but also telling pedestrians off for crossing empty streets against the red man — it’s the law here, bizarrely.

6 thoughts on “Utrecht, Friday 10am”

  1. I agree with pedestrians not being allowed to cross on red. Why do car drivers, cyclist etc have to wait even at times when it is obviously clear and safe to go through a red light (I’m not talking about jumping lights as they change or pushing your way through crowded junctions etc) but peds don’t?

    1. To understand why, try the following experiment: cross on red with cars on green and see what happens. Who got hurt?

    2. In places with traffic lights the streets are rarely empty, and certainly not at 10am in Utrecht. Red lights should at least remind the pedestrian to stop and look carefully before crossing. Nothing bizarre about that. Cars can jump out on you very quickly.

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