6 thoughts on “Amsterdam, Monday 9am”

    1. Possibly 2nd suit is required, but it’s a cultural problem at the end of day, & will easily be mitigated when a client is more impressed with his account manager turning up on a Pashley than a Beemer (even if somewhat damp).

    2. Oh how I long for the day when a blocked storm drain is all we have to complain about. When British storm drains are blocked you have the choice of riding through the massive puddle, gambling on the size of the submerged potholes, or pulling further out into the path of the speeding vans and buses.

    3. amcambike’s criticism is ridiculous. The only way to avoid catching spray in heavy rain is to travel by car, so no cycling or even walking. And if it isn’t the spray it’s the rain itself, for which we have rain suits and overcoats and umbrellas, none of which will keep you entirely dry. Amsterdam has a temperate climate; it rains a lot there.

  1. I attended a business meeting once after going for a particularly hard and fast 5 mile run at lunchtime. I walked through the reception door and headed in the direction of the showers (I work in a steel plant with such trappings), my boss sprung the meeting on me and gave me 5 minutes to sort myself out. It was July. The poor visitors were subjected to a ridiculously sweaty sight and I sat for 40 minutes desperately hoping to cool down. Hey-ho.

    The point about a second suit is pretty valid. I quite often attend business meetings on my folder after arriving at the main station by train. I get some very strange looks. Quite why we have to wear a suit in the first instance is beyond me. The quality of the meeting should be judged by its content rather than cosmetics.GGGGrrrr – It makes you mad. Any jobs going in Amsterdam?

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