Somebody was throwing out a 1971 Raleigh DL-1…

…a very very dirty and greasy Raleigh DL-1, covered in electrical tape and bits of bad paintwork patching…

So I thought I’d see what all this Raleigh Roadsters fuss is about. Took it and removed the excess grease, dirt, electrical tape, wobbly improvised rear rack and long-expired dynamo lights, added the imprint of a vice to some of the brake rods so that the pinch bolts would actually grip and not give way at unfortunate moments, and, of course, added a beer crate.

Some day I’ll get around to putting the rear rack on (I fear the bolts on the seat stays are too short to hold it at the same time as holding the mud and chain guards) and getting new dynamo lights for the allegedly-working dynohub. I might even have a go at fixing the shoddy paintwork, though I’m not sure that I wouldn’t just make it worse.

But for now it’ll be in the shed, while I try out these somewhere…

6 responses to “Bicycle

  1. Damn you!

    I’d love to find and restore and old bike like that. Where do you find these things?

    • They actually come up relatively frequently, because such a large quantity were made over such a long period. A few get found forgotten in sheds each week. They come up on ebay all the time, but can get expensive there. They’re unlikely to go for less than £60 on ebay, and then only if the seller has hidden it in the wrong category and with the wrong keywords so nobody else can find it!

      They come up cheaper in local small ads / freecycles / car boot sales, and fools frequently throw them in skips — lots of council dumps and recycling depots still have a junk-for-sale corner where these things sometimes resurface…

  2. What did you use to get the beer crate on there? Looks like a nice ride!

  3. Cottenham Cyclist

    A cycle computer on a 70’s Raleigh ? How could you! ;-)

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