The CEoGB AGM Sunday evening scenic ride

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Another of the Embassy AGM Infrastructure Safari writeups. Shorter and not quite so nerdy: a scenic circuit of the lower section of the former docks in the evening sunshine, including a Victorian-era riverside shared path, a huge incongruous 1960s road system beside the Clifton Suspension Bridge viewpoint, and another example of Bristol turning roads into parks. The main point, though, was that the old quaysides and riverside paths, despite all their limitations, make usable and even pleasant (if you’re not in a hurry) cycle routes, linking up to the other traffic-free routes, and perhaps help to explain Bristol being that fraction better than the rest of the country at widening access to cycling.

Here is the Google Map tour.

3 thoughts on “The CEoGB AGM Sunday evening scenic ride”

  1. You have some lovely pictures in that tour – and make some accurate observations. I often cycle around variants of the loop as gentle exercise and recreation. It always cheers me up. The things that still bother me from time to time are the vagueness, variability and dereliction of some of the signage and the uncertainty of what is and what isn’t intended as shared space. I suspect that a first attempt to complete it without local knowledge would need a guide or a lot of determination and time. Of course, it could be me who’s just a bit slow with route-finding in general.

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