Cycling Embassy launch

For anybody not subscribed to the Embassy RSS feed or newsletter (and really, what is wrong with you?): the Cycling Embassy is now ready for an official launch party. It’s in two weeks, on Saturday 3rd. We’ll be meeting a little before midday on the south side of Lambeth Bridge, beside the Thames Path (where MPs made Lambeth Council put up “no cycling” signs, and Lambeth Cyclists made the council take them down again), and beside the impressive sounding Jubilee Olympic Greenway — as Boris Johnson says, “few cities in the world can boast such a supurb asset for cyclists and walkers” (it’s, er, a series of big congested roads). We’ll then take one of the most absurd cycle lanes in the city over the bridge to the park for a picnic.

The Cycling Embassy, remember, is not primarily about cyclists but about would-be cyclists: people who want to cycle, but not on the horrible roads typical of British towns and cities. You don’t need to have a bicycle to join us, just a desire for our streets to be made into better places, where people can use a bicycle if they want to.

The Embassy already has a manifesto and mission statement, and a fast-growing set of resources on the website; a post-launch lobbying programme for specific detailed policies is in development.

You can do better than this

The Cycling Embassy has a manifesto and a set of demands. But it needs something shiny, a pretty picture to grab the attention of the people who need to read that manifesto and meet those demands. We’re looking for poster and postcard design ideas. Something that sums up the problem and the solution: the fact that fear of traffic prevents people getting around by bicycle, and that separation from traffic removes that barrier. Send them here.

I threw this together, with a handy photo of a 341 jumping the lights on Grays Inn Road…

…to show the prevailing British road conditions, and the reason why so many people who would like to use the quickest, easiest, and cheapest method of transport feel that they can’t. But it perhaps looks like I’m just being cruel to buses.

So I tried this…

…which is still being unfair to buses, playing on the fear (mostly restricted to Motorists who haven’t caught a bus since school) of sitting next to somebody weird, but now perhaps also implying that the problem for cyclists is sharing the road with all those other cyclists!

You’ll have better ideas. Send them in.