In pictures: a leftist conspiracy

It is no secret that the Conservatives are friends of the Motorist: we know that transport secretary Phillip Hammond is, as promised, working tirelessly to end The War On The Motorist.  Motorists are right-thinking people, and right-thinking people are Motorists.  But the reverse is also true.  The subversives who wish to prolong this bloody war must be leftists.  Socialists.

Evidence to this effect reaches us from Dorset:

These people — who call themselves the Pipes and Drums of the Northern Irish Prison Service — think that they can walk in the street.  Playing music — or a crude approximation, at least.  Eastbound, bold as brass, a brass band passes!

Here, pedestrians are trying to walk in the road with a banner which is clearly too wide for the pavement that has generously been provided for their needs (provided by the road-tax payer, no doubt).  They appear to be having some sort of banner race.  Banners such as these could seriously reduce visibility for any passing Motorist, and would surely be taken as a mitigating factor, were one to accidentally drive through this crowd at 35mph.

These tie-died hippies were weaving all over the road.  Unable to walk in anything even approximating a straight line, they were clearly well over the legal limit for using this road — but did the police arrest them?  No, they just stood there watching.  Grinning.  Laughing.  In the background, people are attempting to use derigibles to get about: but do they have a license plate?  Have they paid road tax?  Third-party insurance?  I think not.  It’s one rule for them, one rule for the rest of us.

This is just outright in-your-face insulting to the Motorist.  People are dancing in the street.  In a main road.  Dancing under the Red Flag to a song that delights in the prospect of closing motorways and replacing them with canals.  Canals.  Whoever had fun transporting themselves around on canals?

What more proof could you need to demonstrate that The War On The Motorist is perpetrated by communist subversives?