Talk amongst yourselves

The sun has been shining, so I’ve been in the saddle since tuesday, too busy to continue the helmets series.  There is also a case-study of Bath to be written, whenever this lovely weather clears off.  In the meantime, if you are not already familiar with the city of Bath, prepare yourself by watching John Betjeman pointing at buildings and making fun of 1970s developers:

As a completely unrelated bonus, here is his Meditation On The A30:

A man on his own in a car
Is revenging himself on his wife;
He open the throttle and bubbles with dottle
and puffs at his pitiful life

She’s losing her looks very fast,
she loses her temper all day;
that lorry won’t let me get past,
this Mini is blocking my way.

“Why can’t you step on it and shift her!
I can’t go on crawling like this!
At breakfast she said that she wished I was dead-
Thank heavens we don’t have to kiss.

“I’ld like a nice blonde on my knee
And one who won’t argue or nag.
Who dares to come hooting at me?
I only give way to a Jag.

“You’re barmy or plastered, I’ll pass you, you bastard-
I will overtake you. I will!”
As he clenches his pipe, his moment is ripe
And the corner’s accepting its kill.

That is all.