Friday photo: imagine they are all drivers

While working on my photography stuff, it occurred to me to add a new recurring feature here…

The Silk Road
A cloud of single occupant vehicles.

This is London’s Silk Road — Theobald’s Road for the West End on the right, heading into Clerkenwell Road for the East End on the left, with the Rosebury Avenue fork to Islington just about visible.  The view is from our room in The Yorkshire Grey, home of Street Talks.  There are a number of east-west routes through London, but this one seems to have organically grown into a busy cycling route, helped by trendy Shorditch fixie riders with West End media jobs.  This picture doesn’t quite do justice to the massive crowds of cyclists that gather at each cycle of the lights, far outnumbering cars and taxis and easily taking complete ownership of the road as the lights change.

Imagine if they all decided one day to take a car instead.

And imagine if all of those single occupant car drivers realised that they could join the swarm of people who filter past them through the queues each evening.  If only there were enough space along this road to provide the sort of high-quality continuous infrastructure that would make it possible…

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If a truck is full of bikes, should it be in the bike lane?

Despite being fully up to date with the latest city driving rules, the Serco/Barclays hire bike relocaters are worrying the Evening Standard today:

Cyclist David Ellis, who was knocked over by a trailer used to transport the Mayor’s hire bikes between docking stations, today branded the vehicles “ludicrous”.

The photographer from Stoke Newington suffered cuts and bruising as well as injuries to his neck and hip after he was thrown from his bike and dragged under the trailer’s wheels while cycling with a friend in Theobald’s Road in Holborn on November 4.

(I wonder whether it was the same one that cheerfully honked along all the while that the october Critical Mass passed along Theobalds?)

Mr Ellis, 37, said the trailers were “a danger to cyclists” because they are wider than the electric vehicle towing them.

He called on the Mayor to improve safety among cycle hire scheme users by removing them and encouraging users to wear helmets.

I couldn’t agree more: it is simply common sense that users of electric vehicles should wear helmets, and the Standard are to be congratulated for the journalistic brilliance that produced this expert insight.