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A little bit of Waltham Forest

Pointless one-way systems?  Cracked pavements?  Concrete planters long-since overrun with weeds?  Uncollected commercial waste and shop advertising boards blocking every pavement?  Cycle lanes replaced with parking bays?  A liberal scattering of bollards? It’s the answer to all those loony militant cyclists who say that the Dutch system could easily be done in the UK: a little bit of the UK has been exported to Valkenburg, near Maastrict:

But don’t worry, cyclists have been catered for!  There is a shop selling those funny rubber knickers that those perverted puritans peddle up and down in:

And in a roundabout, a monument to a hero: I like to imagine that he is a vehicular cyclist, reaching out to thunderclap somebody who has done a close pass then pulled in for the traffic lights:

Its a shame that in his choice of bicycle (apart from the handlebars), he has fallen foul of one of the most basic rules of cycling.

Walthamize the planet, and have a lovely day.