The driving test in China

Melinda Liu in Newsweek, on sitting the written exam for a Chinese driving license:

The most memorable question is the one about intestines. Specifically, it’s a multiple-choice question about what to do if you come across a traffic accident victim with an open abdominal wound from which the small intestine is protruding. The choices are a) put it back, b) no treatment, or c) not put it back but cover with a bowl or jar, and bind the bowl or jar with a cloth belt.


To be sure, the official booklet of rules and regulations does have a chapter titled “Driving With Civility and Professional Ethics.”  One question asks if drivers should a) deliberately underestimate each other, b) compete for road supremacy or c) learn and help each other, adopt one’s strong point while overcoming one’s weak point and keep safely driving. No, I don’t know what the last homily means either.

The answers can be found in the article, alongside many other curious observations.

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