Street Talks 4: how to build a better street

I’m on the road for a few weeks (don’t worry, I’ve prepared a few posts in advance and instructed my cobloggers), so before I go, here is your reminder of the next from Street Talks a few weeks early: Andrew Cameron will talk about designing streets for living in — how to has been done wrong and how it should be done right.  Andrew is director of urban design at the architecture and transport engineering consultancy WSP, and contributor to modern street design guidelines, like the recent Manual for Streets.  As you can imagine, there will be some amount of nerdy details, and slides depicting things like cycle path design.  But it’s about more than that.  You should find out why council highway engineers have spent five decades building absurd race tracks through our neighbourhoods and city centres.

It’s on Tues 14th June — make a note, set a reminder (or join the mailing list for one) — at the usual time and place, upstairs in The Yorkshire Grey on Theobalds Road / Grays Inn Road.  Bar open from 6 for good beer and good food, talk around 7ish.

If you missed the previous ones, the audio and slides are available here.

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