Here’s another bascule bridge undergoing a transformation, Hogesluisbrug, one of many crossing the canals of central Amsterdam. The city is currently rebuilding it, with modern foundations and electric lifting mechanism but with the original exterior design and decorations.

In the meantime, they’ve put a temporary bridge alongside the old one. A temporary lifting bridge. A temporary lifting tramway bridge:

A temporary lifting tramway bridge that gives priority to cyclists:

When the space gets narrow, no “cyclists dismount” signs here: the trams and vans must take turns on the remaining available space.

I didn’t go looking for this bridge, I had no idea these works were going on — it’s just the sort of thing you stumble upon when vaguely and unhurriedly navigating by instinct through a Dutch city…

One thought on “Hogesluisbrug”

  1. and I’ll be boring and say it again: the Dutch take it for granted. Which is not a bad thing (as a society’s come to expect nothing less), but it sort of opens the door to the parallel universe-situation where some ill-informed politicians don’t see the wood for the trees and look to the UK, see helmets & hi-viz and proclaim NL should be as ‘safety-conscious’ as the Brits. What? Where? The province of Zeeland trying to score points for ‘Safest (Cycling) Province of Europe’, for instance. NL: helmet companies’ wet dream, Nutcase helmet salesman upon returning to Portland: “The Dutch market is awesome…if only the Dutch were more scared of cycling.”

    Yeah, nothing to do with infrastructure, but indicative that not all of NL is as enlightened.

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