The choreography of a British intersection

Copenhagenize recently analysed in detail how Danes behave at an urban intersection. I wonder what they would make of the terrifying mess that is the British urban road junction?

You might recognise the junction from the Tour du Danger series.

4 thoughts on “The choreography of a British intersection”

  1. You’re right – it all seems to work except for the odd cyclist who runs the lights and puts pedestrians at risk. The major difference between British and Danish cyclists is that the Danes seem to be happy to share the roads with other users.

  2. I cross this every day, and the safest thing to do is to go slowly over during the pedestrian phase. I was abused by another cyclist for doing this the other day, but he was sitting to the left of a truck that was signalling left, so I decided his opinion probably wasn’t worth listening to.

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