In which we Make The Lane

This is just a notification for those of you who aren’t already following on the twitter (@steinsky). Because all the cool kids are apparently vlogging instead of blogging these days:

Like I say, I might do some more of these, focusing on showing some of the positive things that people are doing, and what good looks like. But only if it looks like there’s an appetite for it and people actually watch these things. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on that, and subscribe to the channel if you do want to see more.

7 thoughts on “In which we Make The Lane”

  1. This is a comment about videos, not the content. I hate it. I prefer to read. It’s quicker. I understand better. I also hate background music. Blogposts, not YouTube for me.

  2. Much much *much* prefer to read a blog post, rather than watch a video (even if that means I’s not kewl…). I can read a blog post at work without anyone noticing…

  3. I’d much rather read too. I can save blogs to my phone so I can read where there’s no coverage and (warning – huge generalization coming) most videos take too long to get round to making the point and my interest has usually waned by the time it’s made.

  4. Good video outlining what’s leading from two years of mayoral inaction.
    And to show how more of us might get involved with ‘make the lane’ type protests.
    More of this kind of thing please (videos and protests – and blogposts)

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    I should have said, I don’t think video is in competition with written blogs here (other than for my time). The ideas I have for video are to tell the stories that I think suit the format (e.g. showing off what good infrastructure looks like in practice), whereas the sort of stuff that I blog about (e.g. laying out arguments and evidence to debunk misconceptions and received wisdom) probably wouldn’t work very well as video, and I don’t intend to try it!

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